Development of 3D Web GIS Application With Open Source Library


Today, thanks to the internet connection, the borders are disappearing and accessing information is more comfortable. Besides desktop applications, number of web-based applications which instant changes can be seen by all users are increasing day by day. The diversity of web-based applications that are currently used in presenting spatial information to users is also progressing. Using open source libraries, developers can develop web applications for their own purposes. Three dimensional (3D) visualization on the web is a commonly used approach in geographic information systems (GIS) applications. In this article, a 3D web application is developed using Cesium open source javascript library. Vector data layers containing attribute data on global, country and city scales are visualized on the web application. Moreover, raster data layers which produced in other projects like GIS-based land valuation application is also visualized in three dimension. It is pointed out that the output products obtained from different studies can be accessed and visualized through the web browser without installing an additional program or add-ons on the users’ computers.

Selcuk University Journal of Engineering, Science and Technology