Welcome to my homepage

OguzhanKulekciI am a professor at Istanbul Technical University, Informatics Institute.
Currently, I am on sabbatical leave as a visiting professor at
Department of Computer Science
Luddy School of Informatics, Computing and Engineering
Indiana University Bloomington,USA.
My research focuses mainly on design and engineering of algorithms for massive data management and analysis, with a particular emphasize on compression and compressed data processing. More detailed sketch of my current research interests are summarized below according to 2012 ACM-CCS.

Contact Info:
Postal Address: Bilişim Enstitüsü, İTÜ Ayazağa Kampüsü, Maslak,34469, İstanbul
Tel: +90-212-285-6691
e-mail: kulekci@itu.edu.tr, oguzhankulekci@gmail.com
web: web.itu.edu.tr/kulekci

OFFICE HOURS: Thursday, 9:30 – 12:30
Informatics Institute, Room number: 217

You can come and visit me on my office hours without any prior appointment !

Current research topics according to 2012 ACM Computing Classification System

Information SystemsData Management Systems -> Data Structures: Data Compression; Data Layout
Information Retrieval -> Search Engine Architectures and Scalability: Search Engine indexing; Search Index Compression
Information Retrieval -> Specialized Information Retrieval: Structure and Multilingual Text Search
Theory of ComputationDesign and Analysis of Algorithms -> Data Structures Design and Analysis: Data Compression; Pattern Matching; Sorting and Searching; Predecessor Queries
Theory and Algorithms for Application Domains -> Database Theory: Data Structures and Algorithms for Data Management
Mathematics of ComputingDiscrete Mathematics -> Combinatorics: Permutations and Combinations; Combinatorial Optimization; Combinatorics on Words; Combinatorial Algorithms, Enumeration
Information Theory -> Coding Theory
Security & PrivacyCryptography -> Mathematical Foundations of Cryptography
Cryptography -> Cryptanalysis and Other Attacks
Cryptography -> Database and Storage Security: Management and Querying of Encrypted Data
Applied ComputingDocument Management and Text Processing -> Document searching/management/capture/preparation
Life and Medical Sciences -> Computational Biology
Life and Medical Sciences -> Bioinformatics
Social and Professional TopicsTechnologies: -> SIMD (single-instruction-multiple-data) architectures