Atabey Kaygun

Associate Professor
Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul

Data Science for Fundamental Sciences

In 2018, I taught an undergraduate class on Data Science for Fundamental Sciences. You can find the lectures notes (as jupyter notebooks) in the following link.

Data Science

In 2016, I prepared a series of two workshop lectures on Best Practices in Data Science, and Statistical and Algorithmic Methods in Data Science for Akademik Bili┼čim Konferans─▒ (in Turkish).

Python Lectures

Back in 2015 I did a series of workshops on python programming at the previous school I worked at. You can find ipython notebooks of these workshops on my github repository.

Clojure Lectures

Also in 2015, I did a similiar series of workshops on clojure. Clojure is a programming language in the lisp family of languages. You can find live code transcripts of these lectures on my github repository too.