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Multiscale Modeling & Simulation Group

Department of Chemical Engineering

Istanbul Technical University

Group Members

Current Members




Marcel Balçık


PhD student  in Chemical Engineering

Research Topic: Force field development for hydrocarbons and polymers. Plasticization in polyimide membranes.

Masoud Teymourfamianasl


PhD student in Chemical Engineering

Research Topic: Sulfur removal from hydrocarbon fuels via adsorption by MOFs








Former Members

  • Sadiye (Halitoğlu) Velioğlu, Post-doc and PhD in Materials Science

   Thesis Title: Investigation of Sorption Induced Plasticization in Polymeric CO2 Separation Membranes 

  • ​Hüsamettin Deniz Özeren, MS in ChE

   Thesis Title: Molecular Design of Green Plasticizers for Plastics

  • Barış Demir, PhD student in ChE

  • Kamal Porhonar, MS in ChE

   Thesis Title: Fibronectin Adsorption on Polyurethane Surfaces

  • Eren Güvenç, MS in ChE

   Thesis Title: Molecular Modeling of Ether Adsorption in ZSM-5 zeolites

  • Melissa Karagözlüoğlu, MS in ChE

   Thesis Title: Adsorption of Trichloroethylene and Methyl Tertiary Butyl   

   Ether in Zeolites

  • Melisa Panos, MS in ChE

   Thesis Title: Fibronectin Adsorption on Polyurethane Surfaces

  • Işıl Kabacaoğlu, MS in ChE

   Thesis Title: Gas Sorption in 3,5-Diaminobenzoic Acid (DABA) Based Polyimides

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