Tamer Ölmez






Professor, Ph.D.

Istanbul Technical University,

Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering

Telephone: +90 212 2853643

Office: ITU EEF-7105

Email : olmezt@itu.edu.tr







Courses (Dersler)



1)    Active EEG Sensor Designed (coming soon)

2)    Design of Capsule Endoscopy system with three cameras (coming soon)

3)   Remote Desktop for NanoPi Neo Air (Linux PC) without Having Display Output

4)   Mindwave Head Interface for Linux Machine (Ubuntu or Raspberry Pi) or MATLAB of MS Windows

5)   Non-Contact Capacitive Heart Beat Sensors and Heart Beat Signal Acquisition Systems

6)   Using Internet of Things (IoT) In Smart Sensor Applications:

a) WiFi-ECG Smart Sensor (ESP8266) 

b) Bluetooth-ECG Smart Sensor (BlueGiGa)

c) Wifi-Breath Smart Apnea Sensor

d) Bluetooth-Breath Smart Apnea Sensor

7)   ECG system using the USB interface for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (Android phone)

8)    Wireless ECG system (via Bluetooth) designed and implemented by Tamer Ölmez for PC and the mobile phone Nokia 6600

9)    Brain Computer Interface (BCI) Keyboard by designed and implemented by Tamer Ölmez 

10) ECG system using the USB interface for PC without battery  

11)                 Implemented Real Time Data Acquisition System by Using XP Hardware  Interrupts  




Research Interests

Biomedical, Bioinformatics, Medical Informatics, Biological signal processing, Image processing, Neural networks, Genetic algorithms, Pattern  recognition, Machine learning, Embedded Linux Systems, Computer vision, Microprocessors applications, DSP applications, Design of data acquisition systems, Virtual reality, Android and Internet applications by using QT developer.




Medical Informatics and Systems Research Grup (ITU)

ITU Electronics & Communication Engineering Dept.

Istanbul Technical University (ITU)




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