DAMGA Research Group

 DAta Management, EnGineering & Analysis Research Group
Director:  M. Oğuzhan Külekci, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Informatics Institute, İstanbul Technical University


Research Associates:

Graduate Students: 

  • Ali Fotouhi

Undergraduate Research Interns:  

  • Can Altıniğne


Previous Visitors

Simone Faro, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, University of Catania, Italy. Supported by TUBITAK-2221 fellowship. June – 2013 and October-November-December, 2014

Saswata Shannigrahi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology, Guwahati, India. June – 2013

Bojian Xu, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Eastern Washington University, WA, USA. Supported by TUBITAK-2221 fellowship. June-September 2013

Previous Student Visitors:

Boran Adaş: 2014-2015 undegraduate research fellow, İstanbul Technical University

Ersin Bayraktar:  2013-Intern, 2014-2015 undegraduate research fellow, İstanbul Technical University

Pınar Kavak: Ph.D. candidate, visiting, Spring-2014

Dan McDermott: M.Sc. visiting student and lecturer at 2013 – Summer School on Selected Topics in Massive Data Processing

Atalay Mert İleri: 2013-Intern, Bilkent University

Edanur Demir: 2013-Intern, Middle East Technical University

Bilgesu Erdoğan: 2013 – Intern, Bilkent University