Research Topics and Projects

My main research area is empirical software engineering. More specifically, I focus on building recommendation systems for software practitioners to increase their productivity, achieve effective resource allocation for testing, debugging, bug fixing, and improve the quality of their code and testing process. I am working with software development organizations to solve their specific challenges such as predicting pre-/post-production defects, measuring code quality, classifying issues in terms of their fixing effort, recommending developers for fixing certain types of bugs, understanding why bugs are reopened, improving test quality, improving test automation strategies. Latests projects are listed below. All projects can be found here.

July 2015-April 2016. Company: ERICSSON Turkey. Project name: Improving Testing Process (Principal Investigator)

January 2013-December 2018. Project name: Operational Excellence in Industrial SW and Application Development with Empirical SW Engineering (Researcher)