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Selected Publications

Ayse Tosun Misirli, Ayse Basar Bener: Bayesian Networks For Evidence-Based Decision-Making in Software Engineering. IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering, 40(6), 533-554 (2014)

Ayse Tosun Misirli, Ayse Bener, Bora Çaglayan, Gül Çalikli, Burak Turhan: Field Studies - A Methodology for Construction and Evaluation of Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering. Recommendation Systems in Software Engineering, 329-355 (2014)

Ayse Tosun Misirli, Bora Caglayan, Ayse Bener, Burak Turhan: A Retrospective Study of Software Analytics Projects: In-Depth Interviews with Practitioners, IEEE Software, 30(5), 54-61 (2013)

Ayse Tosun Misirli, Ayse Basar Bener, Resat Kale: AI-Based Software Defect Predictors: Applications and Benefits in a Case Study, AI Magazine 32(2), 57-68 (2011)

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