Project Details




Project Details


The general objective of this research project is to evaluate the wave-induced response and instability of seabed-marine structure systems by providing numerical solutions to the wave-soil-structure interaction problem. Specific objectives were:

·     To formulate mathematical models for the dynamic response of saturated seabed with a focus on the mechanics of fluid–filled porous media in relation to coupled processes of flow and deformation

·     To develop numerical methods and computer models for the analysis of the structure-foundation-seabed systems under wave forces considering poro-elastic and poro-inelastic behavior

·     To model the response and instability of important types of coastal structures in relation to safer coasts and renewable energy sources.

·     To investigate the contribution of various processes to the response and instability through parametric studies for different ranges of wave, soil and structure parameters and identify the adequacy and applicability of numerical formulations for different cases.