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-The instability of coastal and offshore structures is induced primarily by the action of oscillatory and impact forces caused by waves such as Tsunamis and strong ocean currents that are extreme cases of severe waves.

-The geotechnical aspects play a significant role in the initiation of these instabilities. Thus, the evaluation of waveinduced response of seabed around structure-foundation systems plays a key role in mitigation of the associated hazard.

-Unfortunately, as is the case in other fields, the processes governing the response and instability of geomaterials encountered in marine environment are dynamic, nonlinear, and hence quite complex.

-During the past decades, progress has been made towards understanding of these processes and their impact on the stability of marine infrastructure.

-There still remains a significant need for a comprehensive study to understand the underlying mechanics, formulate models, and develop computational tools for the response and instability of some very important structure-seabed systems.

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