Graduate Students

Computer Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University

Researchgate Profile

Ph.D. Students

  • Haydar Çukurtepe
    Graduated: January 2014, Computer Engineering Programme
    "Physical Layer Impairments Aware Dynamic Lightpath Provisioning in Mixed Line Rate WDM Networks"

  • Fatma Çorut Ergin
    Graduated: February 2012, Computer Science Programme
    "Survivable Virtual Topology Design in Optical WDM Networks Using Nature-inspired Algorithms"

M.Sc. Students

  • Ali Keles
    Graduated: June 2010, Computer Enginnering Programme
    "Physical Impairment-aware Virtual Topology Design in Optical WDM Networks"

  • Elif Kaldirim
    Graduated: June 2009, Computer Enginnering Programme
  • "Ant Colony Optimization for Survivable Virtual Topology Mapping in Optical WDM Networks"

  • Bilen Ogretmen
    Graduated: Sep. 2007, Computer Enginnering Programme
  • "Effect of Reconfiguration on IP Packet Traffic in WDM Networks"

  • Umut Yildiz
    Graduated: May 2006, Computer Enginnering Programme
    "Efficiency of Using Partial Path Protection Method in Optical WDM Mesh Networks"