Term Project





Group work (max. 3 students) is encouraged.

Select an appropriate application area for your project. You will structure, model, and analyze a multi-criteria decision making problem in that area.

You are expected to submit a term project report in journal paper format, which can be submitted to an appropriate journal (if possible and if you wish) after some adjustments that will be made by us.

Please download the sample papers and read them before you start your project to have an insight.

The last week of the class will be spent listening actively to your peers as they present specialty topics of interest to them (and to you, I hope!).

A roughly 20-minute group presentation will be made, and the projects will be discussed during the class.

You will evaluate your peers using OPEF (Oral Presentation Evaluation Form).

Please check the presentation evaluation criteria before preparing your own presentations.


Important Dates

Deadline for proposal: March 17

Deadline for literature review: April 14

Deadline for final submission: June 9 updated

Presentations: June 9 updated


Only one of the group members should upload their report to Ninova.

Please indicate the names and student numbers of the group members.


Proposal report

Please answer the following questions:

·        In which managerial application area would you study?

·        What is your research question?

·        What would be the goal of your decision problem?

·        Which papers (from academic journals) have you found?

·        A list of authors, titles, abstracts should be submitted.

I will approve/disapprove your proposals and inform you.


Literature Review report

The literature survey aims to explore other studies done for your project's research question and cover the theoretical issues underlying the project topic and current developments regarding the chosen topic. 

The synthesis of summaries and evaluation (with your own sentences and comments) of papers will be submitted.


 Final report

See the “requirements” section.