BAŞARIM2022'den Yapay Zeka ile Hızlandırılmış Nano-Malzeme Keşfi başlıklı konuşmam. Video burada.

• Teaching EEE301 Stochastic Processes to EEE undergrads in Fall 2021. Every Thursdays between 1-5pm at #317, Vadi Campus, İstinye University. Textbook: Probability, statistics, and random processes for electrical engineering by Leon-Garcia.

Our tutorial Physics Inspired Models In Artificial Intelligence presented at Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining (KDD2020) is now available online. Abstract here. Video here.

• Grafen projemiz haberlerde: İTÜ’lü Bilim İnsanlarının Nanoteknoloji Projelerine Önemli Destek.

• Our graphene project received ₺1,000,000 (~$170,000) funding from İstanbul Technical University (Jan 2020).

İTÜ faculty Levent Trabzon, Caner Ünlü, Mehmet Ramazanoğlu and myself received funding of ₺1M for our project Design, Fabrication, Characterization of Scalable Nano-Enhanced Quantum Solar Cells. I do the density functional theory (DFT) calculations of the doped graphenes.

• My Condensed Matter Field Theory classes have started on 5 Dec 2018.

Classes are on Wednesdays at Istanbul Technical University. Email me for more info. Book: Condensed Matter Field Theory by Altland & Simons, 2nd. ed.

• Surface physics.

Simulation of random deposition with relaxation to compute surface roughness.

• Machine Learning for Physics

Some papers here.

Email me for free subscription for the DataCamp Python & R machine lerning lectures.

• Soft condensed matter

Bulk-surface correspondence and surface fractal dimension in liquid crystal mixtures. Liquid crystals with aerosil particles within:

• Monte Carlo study of liquid crystals (à la Lebwohl-Lasher lattice spin model).

• Heavy-ion collisions and Quark Gluon Plasma

Charmonium dissociation in quark gluon plasma via stochastic Fokker-Planck Equation. The charmonium density descreases as charmonia melt in quark-gluon plasma.

• The "ridge" correlations in p-p and p-Pb collisions at LHC from gluon saturation physics (Color Glass Condensate/Glasma). By means of the superdiagramatic technique I developed, one can calculate the n-gluon correlations by calculating n-2 diagrams rather than calculating approximately (2n-1)!! glasma diagrams.


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