Mehmet received his BSc degree in Physics Engineering from Hacettepe University, Ankara in 1996. Upon graduating he started to work as a Research Assistant in Physics Departments of Bilkent, Ankara, first, and then back in Hacettepe University. In 1999, on receiving a scholarship from Physics Department of Florida State University, FSU, he moved to the USA where he obtained his MSc Degree in Physics. In 2002, he accepted an offer from University of Toronto , Toronto, Canada and he finished his education by receiving a PhD in Physics on the subjects of X-ray and Neutron scattering techniques. His PhD title was "Phase Transitions in Liquid Crystal + Aerosil Gels". He, then, continued his research in Physics holding Post-Doctorial and Associated Researcher positions in Physics Departments of McMaster, Hamilton, Canada and Rutgers University, NJ,USA and finally at Ames Lab. DOE, Ames, Iowa, USA. In 2014, he joint to the Faculty of Physics Engineering Department, Istanbul Technical University, ITU. His research in general built on soft and hard condensed matter subjects, specifically physics of disordered phases of liquid crystals and magnetic materials, superconductivity, multiferroics, quasicrystals and crystal growth techniques.