Active Courses

Graduate Level

  • BLG 557E - Theory of Computation
  • BLG 546E - Object Oriented Concurrent Programming

Undergraduate Level

  • BLG 223E - Data Structures
  • BLG 311E - Formal Languages and Automata
  • MTH 112 - Discrete Mathematics (SUNY - Information Systems Engineering)

Past Courses

  • BLG 633E - Model Checking for Software Systems
  • BLG 411E - Software Engineering
  • ISE 313 - WEB-Design and Management Tools (SUNY - Information Systems Engineering)

Graduated Students


  • Atakan Aral, Thesis Title: Resource Mapping Optimization For Distributed Cloud Services. YOK Thesis No: 450921 Graduated in 2016 Fall


  • Halit Uyanık, Thesis Title: An enhanced two phase commit protocol for high performance consistency management in replicated state machines. YOK Thesis No: 637248 Graduated in 2020 Spring
  • Niyazi Özdinç Çelikel, Thesis Title: DCfRSM: Fault-Tolerant checkpoint approach for replicated state machines. YOK Thesis No: 637414 Graduated in 2020 Spring
  • Emre Teoman, Thesis Title: Indoor Positioning In The Presence Of An Uncertain Reference Point. YOK Thesis No: 553133 Graduated in 2019 Spring
  • İbrahim Seçkin, Thesis Title: Tailoring scrum methodology for global software development teams. YOK Thesis No: 533001 Graduated in 2018 Spring
  • Cihan Seçinti, Thesis Title: Fault Tolerant Virtual Machine Consolidation for Energy-Efficient Cloud Systems. YOK Thesis No: 510186 Graduated in 2018 Spring
  • Mohammed Subhi Sheikh Quroush, Thesis Title: Debugging Remote Services Developed On Cloud Systems. YOK Thesis No: 512774 Graduated in 2018 Spring
  • Gencay Sazak, Thesis Title: Java Garbage Collector Selection Using Object Oriented Software Metrics. YOK Thesis No: 486582 Graduated in 2017 Fall
  • Ahmet Furkan Oruç, Thesis Title: Generating Web Service Tests During Behavior-Driven Development. YOK Thesis No: 445039 Graduated in 2016 Spring
  • Furkan Cömert, Thesis Title: An approach to cope with state space explosion problem in model checking embedded TV software. YOK Thesis No: 421253 Graduated in 2015 Fall
  • Davut Polat, Thesis Title: Anklaşman Sistemi Yazılım Modelinin Model Sınamasının Yapılması. YOK Thesis No: 405068 Graduated in 2015 Spring
  • Farzaneh Akhbar, Thesis Title: Quality of Service Trade-offs Between Central Data Centers and Nano Data Centers. YOK Thesis No: 405084 Graduated in 2015 Spring

Undergrad (Partial List)

  • Burak Bilge Yalçınkaya, Roket: A Stream Processing Language for WebAssembly. Graduated in 2020 Spring
  • Melis Gülenay and Songül Saraç, Service Level Agreement Brokerıng In Federated Clouds. Graduated in 2018 Spring
  • Halit Uyanık, An Online System for Graduation Project Tracking. Graduated in 2018 Spring
  • Arnold Asllani and Aggrey Romans, Peer to Peer Cloud Storage. Graduated in 2018 Fall
  • Ezgi Deveci, Verification of E-invoice Communication Sequence using Model Checking. Graduated in 2017 Fall
  • Aykut Caner Demir, Comparison of Scrum and Kanban Workflows With Dynamic System Modelling. Received best undergraduate project award of 2016 from İTÜ Computer Engineering Department
  • Berkay Furkan Önder, Model Checking Java Programs using Pathfinder. Graduated in 2015 Spring
  • Niyazi Özdinç Çelikel, Decomposition Of Memory Consumption Footprints to Identify Problematic Threads. Graduated in 2014 Spring
  • Cihan Seçinti, Linear Programming Techniques in Application Assignment in Cloud Systems. Graduated in 2014 Spring
  • Yılmaz Dilek, Performance Comparison of In-memory Databases. Graduated in 2014 Spring
  • Kayhan Ozan Demirbaş, Quality Measurement and Analysis of Object Oriented Software Written in C++ . Graduated in 2013 Fall