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[GSoC 2018] what then ?

Now we have couple of components which are; cavabunga-lib, cavabunga-server, cavabunga-client-java, cavabunga-caldav and cavabunga-collector-lwn-calendar( ).

cavabunga-caldav and cavabunga-collector-lwn-calendar are collecting data and will send them ,with help of cavabunga-client-java, to the cavabunga-server

The next steps will include;

– Authentication

– API documentation of cavabunga-server

– cavabunga system build script (will downlaod all components and create cavabunga calendering enviroment, all instalation steps and configuration)

– cavabunga-web => it will be web interface for cavabunga-server and it will allow users to search/filter through out to all calendar data(collected with collectors and caldav extensions)

– Solving  iPhone CalDAV account problem

– cavabunga-google => google calendar data collector for cavabunga

– cavabunga-collector-ics => some web sources are shareing ics file directly. this component will aim to collect that data

Looking forward for first release 🙂


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