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[GSoC 2018] Maven Repo and some enhancement

It seems to be that i wasnt here too much but there are pretty good things i achive during second phase. Let me go through them;

The end of the first phase i decided to seperate core data object classes from main project.  My purpose was creating a depencency for the “cavabunga” project. Every modul, client or collector have to know what kind of objects the system is processing. On the other hand, seperating theese core objects ,compiling them as a *.jar file , putting it on projects main folder and adding it to the maven depencency three(which is basically a pom.xml file) as local file dependency could be very annoying and loss of energy. Everytime you update the project, you have to update the jar file.  So thats why maven is exists 🙂 I was looking for a simple solution. Compiling them and uploading to the maven central repository seem to be time consuming for me. So, i create a maven repotitory and add that repository as remote repository in maven dependency tree. Maven remote repository is basically a web server which response to the specific paths.  Here is the address:  . The main page of repository will not answer the requests but i am also sharing the full request uri for repositories.

There is no complicated things that somebody have to do for creating remote maven repository. Just install web server, give access to directories and create your .md5 and .sha1 hash files. Directory names directluy related with package name. And its done. An example of configured pom.xml file for can be seen ->

After seperated cavabunga-lib, i also made some changes on other components of projects. [cavabunga core library] [cavabunga server includes cavabunga-lib, has rest api , retrieves/sends objects and stores them on database] [cavabunga java client library -includes the cavabunga-lib -, has a service that can connect a cavabunga-server and return data as core objects. Can be use different java projects . ]





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