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[GSoC 2018] About deliverables of project

I post some ideas about my approach to the project. The idea shaping in my mind is creating crawlers or clients to collect data and transfer them into centralize database

So that means i am focusing on 3 deliveribles of the project:


  • developing web-crawlers to find iCalendar data on sites 
  • developing tools for parsing iCalendar feeds and storing the data into a large central database 
  • developing tools for searching the database to help somebody find relevant events or see a list of deadlines for bursary applications

For achiving this there should be an infrastructure like this;


To achieve deliverables of this projects, data collectors have to be implemented. I just look around to find some framework to do this and find Lumen

In addition to that, while making conversertion between json-ical. There have to be validation for data.

Implementation of validation can be seen here

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