Assoc. Prof. D Turgay Altılar


Faculty of Computer and Informatics Engineering

Brief Biography

D. Turgay Altilar received his Ph.D. degree in 2002 from Queen Mary, University of London. He was involved with several EU projects related to parallel multimedia processing during his Ph.D. research. He has been assigned as an Assistant Professor in 2003 at the Computer Engineering Department of Istanbul Technical University. He received his tenure in 2013 and assigned as Associate Professor. Dr. Altilar's research interests are related to wireless sensor networks, cognitive radio, real-time systems, pervasive computing, parallel, distributed, grid computing and agricultural informatics. The current research interests are routing protocol design in cognitive radio networks, data dissemination on multimedia sensor networks, MAC and routing protocol design for multichannel sensor networks, resource management Grid Computing and naturally tolerant parallel algorithm design, heterogeneous network based GPGPU computing, high performance computing for agriculture. He has served as technical program committee chair, technical program committee member, session and symposium organizer, and workshop chair in several conferences. Dr. Altilar is a member of IEEE. Dr. Altilar is acting as International Relations and R&D Coordinator for TARBIL (AGRIMONIS): ITU Agricultural and Environmental Applied Research Centre. 


Contact information
Room: EEF4312
Telephone: +90 212 285 35 87
Fax: +90 212 285 36 79/+90 212 285 35 87









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