Mehmet Nuri Akıncı

İstanbul Technical University,
Electronics and Communication Engineering Department,
Maslak, 34467, İstanbul, Turkey

EEB 2315

I received the BSc., PhD. degrees in ECE from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey, in 2013 and 2017 respectively. Between 2015 November to 2016 March, I was with Dr. Lorenzo Crocco from Electromagnetic Research Group at CNR, Napoli, Italy, as a visitor researcher; and from 2016 May to 2016 July, I was at the Microelectronics Center of Virginia Commenwealth University, Richmond, USA for making research in optical filter design. In 2017 July, I joined Electronics and Communication Engineering Department of our university as an assistant professor. My research interests includes but not limited to microwave imaging, electromagnetic scattering, antenna design and measurements, guided wave propagation, optical filter design, photonic crystals[CV]



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Autumn 2017
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