Development of a Turkish-made LRB isolator and in-factory isolator testing system

Funded by the Turkish Ministry of Sci., Industry and Technology (SanTez, 0936.STZ.2016), with Arsan Kauçuk as the Industry Partner

Budget: 789.000 TL

April 2016 – March 2018 [On-going]

Investigating the Seismic Risk of Heritage Structures in Historical Peninsula of Istanbul via Testing, Monitoring and Modelling

Funded by Istanbul Development Agency, (ISTKA, TR14-AFK-040)

Budget: 693.000 TL

August 2014 – September 2015 [Completed]

Determination of Damage Development in Masonry Structures by Using Recorded Accelerations

Funded by Istanbul Technical University

Budget: 22.500 TL

May 2015 – May 2017 [On-going]

Extension of ITU Strong Ground Motion Network to Important Structures

Funded by Istanbul Technical University

Budget: 15.000 TL

September 2015 – March 2017 [On-going]

Seismic Response of Historical Masonry Mosque Structures

Funded by Istanbul Technical University

Budget: 5.000 TL

September 2014 – March 2015 [Completed]



SAFECAST: Performance of Innovative Mechanical Connections in Precast Buildings Structures Under Seismic Conditions

Funded by European Commission in FP7 (FP7-SME- 2007-2)

Budget: 3.962,776 €

March 2009 – February 2012 [Completed]

SAFECLADDING: Improved Fastening Systems of Cladding Wall Panels of Precast Buildings in Seismic Zones

Funded by European Commission in FP7 (FP7 314122)

Budget: 3.900,00 €

June 2012 – July 2015 [Completed]

Calibration of P25 Preliminary Assessment Technique and Pilot Field Application

Funded by TUBITAK (106M278)

November 2006 – May 2008 [Completed]

Development and Application of a Nonlinear Method for Earthquake Assessment of Historical Masonry Ottoman Mosques in Istanbul

Funded by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality

June 2007 – March 2009 [Completed]

Development of Performance Based Design and Evaluation Methods by Comparison with Observed Earthquake Performance of the Structures in Turkey

Funded by TUBITAK (108M303)

June 2009 – August 2009 [Completed]