Ayşe Erzan 
Professor, Department of Physics (retired)
Member, Bilim Akademisi
Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Sciences and Letters 
Department of Physics, Maslak 34 469, Istanbul 
Tel  : 090-216-4927193   



Current research interests :   

  •      Biological Networks 
  •    Non-adaptive complexity in biological systems
  •    Critical phenomena and field theoretic renormalization group  on arbitrary  networks

Curriculum Vitae and Publications


Some recent papers 


M. Mungan, A. Kabakçıoğlu, D. Balcan and A. Erzan, "Analytical Solution of a Stochastic Content Based Network Model " q-bio.MN/0406049, J. Phys. A, 38, 9599-9620 (2005).


D. Balcan, A. Kabakçıoğlu, M. Mungan, and A. Erzan, “The Information Coded in the Yeast Response Elements Accounts for Most of the Topological Properties of Its Transcriptional Regulation Network,” PLoS ONE 2, e501. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0000501. (2007)


D. Balcan and A. Erzan, “Content-based networks: a pedagogical overview,” Chaos 17, 026108 (2007).


B. Malkoç, D. Balcan, A. Erzan“Information content based model for the topological properties of the gene regulatory network of E. coli,” J. Theor. Bio., 203, 281-294 (2010).  (click to download  Supplement  )


M. Erbudak, A. Erzan, “Tracking tumor evolution via prostate-specific antigen: an individual post-operative study,” Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling 7:30 (2010) 


E. Aygün, A. Erzan, “Spectral Renormalization Group theory on Networks,” J. Phys. Conf. Ser. 319, 012007 (2011)


G. Arpağ, A. Erzan, “An ensemble approach to the evolution of complex systems,J. Biosciences 39, 259-280 (2014).


B. Danacı, M.A. Anıl, A. Erzan, “Motif statistics of artificially evolved and biological networks,” Phys. Rev. E 89, 062719 (2014).


A. Tuncer and A. Erzan, "Spectral renormalization group for the Gaussian model and ψ4 theory on nonspatial networks,” Phys. Rev. E 92, 022106 (2015)


B. Danacı, A. Erzan, “Metanetworks of artificially evolved regulatory networks,” J. Stat. Mech.: Theor. Exp.  2016, 043501 (2016)


A. Erzan and A. Tuncer, “Explicit construction of the eigenvectors and eigenvalues of the graph Laplacian on the Cayley tree, to appear in Linear Algebra Appl. (2019)


Some Past Courses


Biologically Motivated Problems in Statistical Physics Fiz447E    

İstatistiksel Fizik ve Termodinamik II  Fiz 414  

Special topics in highly correlated systems (Spin glasses) Fiz 613E 

Statistical Physics Fiz 502E

Evrensellik, Ölçeklenme, Dalgalamalar (Universality, Scaling and Fluctuations) Fiz 621


Other interests:

Women in Science - an IAC report (2006)   


Science and ethics 

Towards common values of the world research area: autonomy, responsibility and the humanitarian tradition” summation at ALLEA meeting on Advice and Autonomy, Amsterdam, May 2005.


Science and society

Making the invisible scientist visible – 2008 APS March meeting, Forum on International Physics