Ömer Işık ECE
Professor of Geology

Istanbul Technical University
Faculty of Mines
Department of Geological Sciences
Maslak 34469 Istanbul

Phone and Fax: +90212-285-6279

CELL: +90-533-612-60-17



Academic Interests:
X-Ray Clay Mineralogy, Hydrothermal Alteration, Sedimentary Geochemistry, Miocene  Lacustrine Basins, Genesis of Clay Deposits, Pyroclastic Rocks, Rock Weathering

Using X-Ray diffraction, XRF, FE-SEM/EDX, HR-TEM, DTA-TG, DSC, AA, Electron Microprobe techniques and LA-ICP-MS data for the genesis of clay deposits, geochemistry and hydrothermal alterations studies are my main interests.
A) I have also become involved in Miocene siliceous volcanism and genesis of hydrothermal kaolin deposits in Düvertepe-Şaphane Region, NW Turkey.
B) Hydrothermal alteration of calc-alkaline volcanic rocks and the occurrences of beidellite-montmorillonite and nontronite-montmorillonite solid-solution series.
C) I involved studies on sedimentary kaolin deposits in cyclic coal-bearing lacustrine basin in the Şile region, NE Istanbul.
D) Genesis of hydrothermal bentonite deposits along the North Anatolian Fault zone in northern Çankırı region.
E) Studies on zeolitization processes (clinoptilolite, mordenite, analcime, heulandite) of tuffaceous rocks in cyclic lagoon-lacustrine environments.
F) Stable isotope geochemistry and genesis of hydrothermal stockwork-type magnesite deposits in NW Turkey.
G) Stable isotope geochemistry of halloysite-alunite deposits at Turplu Mine, Balıkesir, Turkey.
H) Genesis of kaolin-alunite deposits in the Düvertepe Kaolin District, Simav Graben, NW Turkey.
Current Researches:
1) Acid Sulfate Hydrothermal Alteration of Miocene Volcanic Rocks and Genesis of Halloysite-Alunite Deposits, in Biga Peninsula, Turkey (TUBITAK - NSF International Cooperation Program)

Hydrothermal Halloysite-Alunite Deposits at Turplu Mine, Balıkesir, NW Turkey

2) Mineralogical and Geochemical Properties of Hydrothermal Kaolinite-Alunite Deposits in Düvertepe and Şaphane Regions Along Tectonically Active Simav Graben, Turkey (TUBITAK - ÇAYDAG Project)

Hydrothermal Kaolin-Alunite Deposits in the Düvertepe Kaolin District, Simav Graben,
NW Turkey

3) Geochemistry of Calc-Alkaline Volcanic Rocks in Biga Peninsula, Turkey.

4) Recent Geothermal Systems and Biomineralization in Tuzla Hot Springs, Biga Peninsula, Turkey

Tuzla Hot Spring, Çanakkale, northern Aegean Coast, NW Turkey

Hisaralan Hot Spring in the Sındırgı Area, Simav Graben, NW Turkey

Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory in the University of Georgia, Athens, USA
Courses and lectures:
X-ray Clay Mineralogy
Optical Mineralogy
Petrography of Magmatic Rocks
Sedimentary Geochemistry