Intelligent Transportation Systems ULS607E

Instructor Dr. Hilmi Berk Çelikoğlu, Assoc. Prof. (ITU Department of Civil Engineering, room no. 470)
Attendants List of attendants
Day / Time Fridays 1330-1630

Faculty of Civil Engineering, Transportation Division meeting room




Tentative Schedule

Week Topic Slides Assignment due
13 Sept.

Intelligent Transportation Systems: An Overview, the US ITS Programme

20 Sept.

Intelligent Transportation Systems Architecture and Components, Multimodal Travel Management and Regional Traveller Information Systems

27 Sept.

Traffic Management Systems: Bridging Conventional to Advanced

04 Oct.

Traffic Management Systems: Infrastructure; Surveillance; Lane Management; Information Dissemination

11 Oct.

Traffic Management Systems: Arterial Management Systems; Adaptive Signal Control Systems; Coordinated Signal Control Systems

18 Oct.



25 Oct.

Incident Management: Surveillance and Detection; Automatic Vehicle Location. Advanced Traveller Information Systems. Emergency Management Systems

01 Nov.

Electronic Payment Systems: Toll Collection; Transit Fee Payment; Parking Fee Payment; Multi-use Payment

08 Nov.

Congestion Pricing Systems: Variable Priced Lanes; Variable Tolls; Cordon Charge; Area-Wide Charge, Midterm

15 Nov.

Vehicle-Based Safety and Control Systems, Advanced Public Transit Systems

22 Nov.

Commercial Vehicle Operations, Weather Information Systems, Navigation Systems; Dynamic Route Guidance

29 Nov.

Freeway Traffic Management: Ramp Management Strategies

06 Dec.

Freeway Traffic Management: Ramp Control Methods

13 Dec.

Freeway Traffic Management: Ramp Control Methods; Variable Speed Limiting

20 Dec.

Intelligent Transportation Systems in Dynamic Network Modelling




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