Black Sea Shipping Company (BLASCO)

Soviet Union, Ukraine


Picture taken in Istanbul, 1984.


Built: 1975 by Oy Wartsila AB, Turku Shipyard, Finland as a cruise/car ferry. Rebuilt and renovated 1986 and 1993 by Lloyd Werft, Bremerhaven, Germany.


Overall length: 156.2 m

Beam: 21.9 m

Draft: 5.9 m

Gross Tonnage: 16214 tons

Passengers: 640

Power: 2 Pielstick diesels, 18014 hp

Service Speed: 21.5 knots

Operating Routes: Used to make Odessa based European/Mediterranean cruises. She is operating worldwide now, spending winter months in the Caribbean, South America and Australia and summer months in Northern Europe, Mediterranean, Greenland and USA

Sister Ships: M.F. Azerbaydzhan, M.F. Kareliya, M.F. Gruziya, M.F. Kazakhstan.

Former Names: None

Later Names: M.S. Kazakhstan II (1993), M.S. Delphin (1996)

- 1975-1995: Black Sea Shipping Company, Odessa, Ukraine.
- 1995-1998: Lady Lou Shipping Co. Ltd., Limassol, Cyprus, operated by Delphin Seereisen GMBH, Offenbach, Germany.
- 1998-Present: Dolphin Maritime Ltd., La Valetta, Malta, operated by Delphin Seereisen GMBH, Offenbach, Germany, under the Maltese flag.

History and Current Status: Between 1975 and 1995, she sailed under the flags of the Black Sea Shipping Company of Odessa, Ukraine. In 1986, she went through a major refit at Lloyd-Werft and got converted into a cruise ship, with her bow unloading doors permanently welded in. In 1992, while being serviced at Singapore's Singmarine Dockyard, she toppled over when a floating dock sank with her in it. In 1993, she went through renovations at Lloyd-Werft again and got completely modernized and elegantly re-equipped. At the same time, the Delphin Seereisen GMBH of Offenbach, Germany, chartered her for a period of 10 years. The name was also changed to M.S. Kazakhstan II because she was almost a new ship then. In 1995, during the fall of BLASCO, she was purchased by the Limassol, Cyprus based Lady Lou Shipping, that continued chartering her to Delphin Seereisen. In 1998, she was purchased by the Dolphin Maritime Ltd. of La Valetta, Malta, and renamed M.S. Delphin. She is still under charter to Delphin Seereisen as of May 2002 and it is being marketed for a mostly German clientele very succesfully. It is the best kept vessel in the Belorussiya class and said to be in very good condition inside and out.

E-mail all information on her to ata.bilgili@dartmouth.edu.

Notes: Named after the Soviet Republic of Belorussiya (White Russia), she was another regular caller at the port of Istanbul. Her very typical silhouette, shared by her other 4 sisters with minor differences, was for me an indispensible part of the docks of Karakoy, and the appearance of that silhouette was almost always guaranteeing that I was going to see Belorussiya and not the other sisters. At the end of the 70's and through the 80's, I was able to see her almost once every week. It was always a great joy to see her slowly float away on the waters of Bosphorus, gliding through the green hills and old seaside houses. In the late 80's, on my way to the Naval Architecture Faculty of the Istanbul Technical University, I used to contemplate her from the Bosphorus ferries and admire the perfect combination of the ferryboat / cruise ship designs. Time proved me correct!... It is good to know that as of May, 2002, she is still in service, although not as handsomely painted as in her BLASCO days. I regret now not having taken more photos of her while she was still in the BLASCO colors. I dedicate these memories and page to my long time friend and tutor Senih Onur, who had the opportunity to sail on her.


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Line Drawings: From the book "Soviet Bloc Merchant Ships" by Bruno Bock and Klaus Bock, 1981.

Other Pictures:

belorussiya2.jpg ()
belorussiya4.jpg ()
belorussiya5.jpg ()
belorussiya6.jpg ()
  Southbound in Bosphorus.
Istanbul, 1980's.
  Leaving Karakoy.
Istanbul, 1980's.
  Leaving Karakoy northbound.
Istanbul, 1980's.
  Northbound in Bosphorus.
Istanbul, end of 1970's.
  Northbound in Bosphorus.
Istanbul, end of 1970's.

Postcards from My Collection:

belorussiya_pc2.jpg ()
belorussiya_pc3.jpg ()
kazakhstan2_pc0.jpg ()
  BLASCO issued.
  BLASCO issued.
  BLASCO issued. Purchased onboard.
From Senih Onur.
  Delphin Seereisen issued postcard.

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