The notion of finite type submanifolds and finite type mappings was introduced in late 1970's. Since then many works have been done on this topic. Even today, there are a lot of open problems studied in the theory of finite type mappings and finite type submanifolds, such as

  • Biharmonic conjecture and its several genaralizations,
  • Classifying finite type, compact surfaces in Euclidean spaces,
  • Classifying submanifolds with respect to type of their Gauss map.

The organizing committee invites you to participate in the "International Workshop on Finite Type Submanifolds", which will be held in Istanbul Technical University, Turkey, between September 03-05, 2014. Our aim in this workshop is discussing the recent progress on the theory of finite type submanifolds.

The Workshop is open to all talks on the finite type mappings and finite type submanifolds. We also invite contributions, including but not limited to,

  • Riemannian and pseudo-riemannian geometry
  • Lorentz geometry
  • Symplectic and contact geometry
  • Relativity
  • Supergravity and supersymmetry
  • String theory
  • Quantum gravity
subject to the approval of the Scientific Comitee.