Course Schedule

Oct. 5

Introduction to OR, Linear Programming, Modeling

Oct. 12

Graphical Solution, Simplex Algorithm

Oct. 19

Big M Method, Two Phase Simplex, URS, Reduced Cost-Shadow Price

Oct. 26

Software Packages

Nov. 2

Sensitivity Analysis (Software, Graphic, 100%)

Nov. 9

Problem Solving

Nov. 16

Midterm Exam I

Nov. 23

Fall Break

Nov. 30

Duality, Duality and Sensitivity, Complementary Slackness, Dual Simplex

Dec. 7

Revised Simplex

Dec. 14

Utilizing Simplex for Sensitivity

Dec. 21

Formulating Transportation Problems, Finding Basic Feasible Solín

Dec. 28

Transportation Simplex Method, Transshipment & Assignment Problems

Jan. 4

Problem Solving

Jan. 11

Midterm Exam II