Course Schedule (updated: May 26)

Wednesday 9:30 am



Mar. 3

Introduction to Decision Making

Mar. 10

Multiple Criteria Decision Making, Structuring the Problem, Cognitive Maps 

Mar. 17

Fuzzy Cognitive Maps, Constructing the Decision Model, Assessing performance values; Breakout rooms for Term Project

Mar. 24

Assessing performance values (cont.)

Mar. 31

Preference modeling, Determining importance, Analyzing the Problem

Apr. 7

Analyzing the Problem (cont.), Elementary Methods, SAW, WP

Apr. 14

TOPSIS, Analytic Hierarchy Process

Apr. 21

AHP (cont.), Analytic Network Process,

Apr. 28


May 5

Super Decisions, PROMETHEE, Group Decision Making

May 12

Spring Break

May 19

Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day

May 26

Decision Making under Uncertainty and under Risk

June 2

Utility Theory, Decision Trees

June 9

Term Project Presentations