Course Syllabus


Prof. Dr. Y. Ilker TOPCU

Course description and goals

This course aims to provide the students with the skills to apply the techniques of quantitative analysis in many types of organizational decision making situations. Most of the major topics in the quantitative analysis / management science field are covered by this course.

I will show how these techniques are used, discuss the assumptions and limitations of the models, and illustrate the real world usefulness of each technique with many applications in both profit and nonprofit organizations. Expanded use of computer software (QM for Windows, Microsoft Excel Tools, Super Decisions) helps keep the emphasis on modeling the real world problems and understanding the solutions to these models.

Course requirements

All exams (midterm and final exam) will be "open book" or "take home".


Midterm exams (60%), Final exam (40%)

Cheating and plagiarism

Do not. Studying together to understand the material is fine, but the work you hand in is to be your own. No cheating will be tolerated: A letter grade of F will be given!


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