There will be three types of assignments:

Final Exam, Midterm Exams, and Homework Assignments

No cheating will be tolerated: A letter grade of VF will be given!

Good Luck!


Final Exam

The final exam will be an individual assignment.

The date will be announced via ITU Student Information System.

All topics covered will be included on the exam.

The duration is expected to be 90-120 minutes.


Midterm Exams

There will be 2 midterm exams which will be individual assignments.

The 1st midterm exam will be held on November 15th and the second one will be held on January 10th.

The topics covered in the first 6 weeks will be included on the 1st midterm exam.

The topics covered after the 7th week will be included on the 2nd midterm exam.

The duration is expected to be 90-120 minutes.



There will be 2 homework which will be group assignments. You can constitute a group of maximum three students to submit them. Please do not forget to indicate the names and the numbers of the members of your team on cover page. You will not be allowed to change the list of members after submission.

All homework assignments are due on the date specified. The duration will be approximately two weeks. Late submission will not be accepted!

Homework will be distributed and collected via Ninova by the Research and Teaching Assistants.

Following are subjects, assignment dates, and due dates of the homework:


Assign. Date

Due Date


Integer Programming

Oct. 25

Nov. 8


NLP, Interior Point

Dec. 13

Dec. 27