Professor Tahsin YOMRALIOGLU

Istanbul Technical University

Faculty of Civil Engineering

Dept. of Geomatics Engineering

Maslak Campus,

34469 Sariyer - Istanbul - TURKEY

P +90 (212) 285 6189

F +90 (212) 285 3414

PhD (1990-93)

University of Newcastle

Department of Geomatics

Newcastle - England.

Research (1988-90)

University of New Brunswick

Department of Surveying Eng.

Fredericton - Canada.

Graduate (1985-88)

Karadeniz Technical University

Department of Surveying Eng.

Trabzon - Turkey.

Undergraduate (1981-85)

Karadeniz Technical University

Department of Surveying Eng.

Trabzon - Turkey.

Specialized Areas

GIS - Geographic Information Technologies

Spatial Data Infrastructures & Policies

Urban Information Systems

Land Management / Administration

Cadastre & Land Registry Systems

Property & Land Valuation.


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SDI development of Turkey as a socio-technical approach...

Turkey has speeded up her efforts to transform into an information society with eTurkey initiative which is almost identical to eEurope+. After 2003, these actions are combined in e-Transformation Turkey Project that aims at fostering the evolution and coordination of information society activities including National Geographic Information Systems (GIS) actions. GIS provides a powerful decision support in various application domains to planners and managers concerned with finding..

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”The World Cadastre Summit” Took Place in Istanbul, Turkey...

The "World Cadastre Summit, Congress and Exhibition" was held between April 20-24, 2015 in Istanbul Halic Congress Centre with a wide participation. First of all, we would like to thank all of the participants all over the world who supported this event. Two weeks before the event, which is a first in the world gathering 3327 people from 92 countries under the name of "Cadastre", the registrations were closed due to overcapacity...

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Developing Infrastructure Potential in Turkey with Geo-IT..

In Turkey, the earliest GIS projects were initiated in 1986 by the General Command of Mapping (GCM) to produce digital maps for military aims. A National GIS Symposium has been held in Turkey since 1994. Many local authorities have followed GI related projects since that time with a view to increasing the adoption spatial technologies within the public services. However, the private sector has been focused more upon individual spatial information system projects...

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A Research Coding System for Land-Related Scientists...

Land has many meanings with different things to different people, depending upon their outlook and their interest at the moment. To many it is simply the space for human activity as reflected in the many forms of land use. It is however defined as an area of the surface of the earth together with the water, soil, rocks, and minerals or upon it and the air above it. It embraces all things which are related to a fixed area or point of the surface of the each, including the areas covered by water...

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