BLG 336E, Analysis of Algorithms II,  Spring 2016

Istanbul Technical University, Computer Eng. Dept. 



Sanem Sarıel,  

Şerif Bahtiyar, 


Schedule: Tuesday 9:30-12:30

Classrooms: CRN 21886: 5305, CRN 21887: 4104

Office hours: Please email us to set an appointment to meet.

Teaching Assistants: Doğan Altan, Ezgi Yıldırım, Hasan Kıvrak

Web site:



Announcements, Course slides, Homework assignments 

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Course Information


Programming Projects: Will be in C++. There will be explicit instructions on which files to submit, how it should be compiled, example cases etc. Some examples will be provided so that you can test your program yourselves. However, your program will be graded based on how good it is in solving the given problem.

A project that does not compile or does not provide the necessary files will get zero, no exceptions! Projects not submitted through the online submission system will not get accepted, even if they are a couple of minutes late. So, please submit to ninova ahead of the due second.


Plagiarism (copying (parts) of projects from each other or internet resources) is strictly discouraged. You may discuss the problem with your classmates, but you must write your own code. You must not take somebody else’s code and modify it and submit it. If we realize that you did copy, you will get zero from that project,  you may get an FF from the course and the Student Affairs Office will be informed.


Reference Book:

-  J. Kleinberg and E. Tardos, Algorithm Design, Addison Wesley, 2006.


Other References: 
-Introduction to Algorithms, Cormen, Leiserson and Rivest, The MIT Pres/McGraw-Hill.

-Fundamentals of Algorithmics,Brassards and Bratley, Prentice Hall (Available at the Central Library, QA9.58.B73 1996). 
- Algorithms and Complexity, Wilf.


Topics Covered (Tentative list. Please see ninova pages for the latest slides):





Feb 9

Introduction. Some representative problems.


Feb 16

Introduction. Some representative problems.  (Quiz1)


Feb 23

Basics of algorithm analysis. (Problem session 1)


Mar 1

Graphs.  (Project 1 announced)


Mar 8

Greedy algorithms-I.  (Problem session 2) 


Mar 15

Greedy algorithms-II. (Quiz2)


Mar 22

Divide and conquer (Problem session 3)


Mar 29



Apr 5

Dynamic Programming I (Project 2 announced)


Apr 12

Dynamic Programming II (Quiz3) (Problem session 4)


Apr 19

Network Flow-I 


Apr 26

Network Flow II (Problem session 5) (Project 3 announced)


May 3

NP and computational intractability-I 


May 10

NP and computational intractability-II (Problem session 6)




1 Midterm (25%) 

3 Programming Projects (30%) 

3 Quizzes (%10) [Quiz1: %3, Quiz2:%4, Quiz3:%3]

Final (35%)  


Please note: 

All the exams are closed books and notes.

Use C++ and object oriented approach in your assignments.

In order to be able to take the final exam for BLG336E you have to have a weighted average score of 30 (over 100) for midterm and projects and you have to attend 70% of the classes. Otherwise you will get a VF from the course.