Ø  The presented toolbox is presented in the following paper:

o   Taskin, A. and Kumbasar, T., 2015. An open source Matlab/Simulink Toolbox for Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic Systems, IEEE Symposium Series on Computational Intelligence – SSCI 2015, Cape Town, South Africa. (draft version final version)

o   We kindly ask that to cite the above mentioned paper if you use IT2-FLS Matlab/Simulink Toolbox and you publish papers about work that was performed using IT2-FLS Matlab/Simulink Toolbox.

Ø  The IT2-FLS Matlab/Simulink Toolbox is licensed with GNU general public license version 3

o   Download IT2FLSv1.1 (includes examples)

§  The file is updated-09.11.2016 (Supports Matlab 2015b and later)


o   Requires the Matlab® commercial Fuzzy Logic Toolbox.

o   Give us feedback and new ideas to enhance the toolbox


Ø  Some features of the IT2-FLS Toolbox V1.0 are:

o   Support for a GUI for an easy design & Simulink Library

IT2FLS Toolbox UIs

o   Support for 8 TR methods

§  Karnik-Mendel Algorithm (KM)

§  Enhanced KM Algorithm (EKM)

§  Iterative Algorithm with Stop Condition (IASC)

§  Enhanced IASC (EIASC)

§  Enhanced Opposite Direction Searching Algorithm (EODS)

§  Wu-Mendel Uncertainty Bound Method (WM)

§  Nie-Tan Method (NT)

§  Begian-Melek-Mendel Method (BMM)

o   Simulink Library and an automatic Simulink file generation via the GUI

o   A Control System Design Example