Scholarships for a full-time MSc and a full-time PhD student are available in a TÜBİTAK-funded project.
(Date of Announcement : 01.02.2014)

Summary of the Project

The project involves various signal processing applications (such as enhancement, source separation, direction of arrival estimation) based on recordings obtained with a microphone array. Classical methods usually model the source and the noise signals as Gaussian stochastic processes and formulate the reconstruction as a minimization problem, using the second order statistics of the processes. Although second order statistics are sufficient for characterizing Gaussian processes, they cannot capture the more intrinsic properties of audio signals. In this project, our goal is to accommodate recent models based on spectral sparsity and modify the classical methods in order to enhance their performance.

Applicant Profile

We expect the selected applicants to assist us in the problem formulation as well as algorithm development/implementation stages. Therefore, the applicant should be comfortable with Matlab as well as C programming languages. We also seek a strong background in the basics of signal processing (that is, linear algebra, probability, signals and systems, DSP etc.).

How to apply

Please send your resume and transcript (unofficial) to "ibayram@itu.edu.tr". In your resume, please include the name and contact information of at least two references (no reference letters are necessary).

Here is a list of some relevant work so far :

"Combining Multiple Observations of Audio Signals", İ. Bayram, Wavelets and Sparsity XV, 2013. [.pdf]

"A Beamforming Formulation Based on Sparsity", İ. Bayram, manuscript, 2013.

"İşaret Hizalama : Dışbükey Olmayan Eniyilemeye Dayalı Bir Yöntem", İ. Bayram, SİU 2014. [.pdf]

"A Real-Time Sparsity Promoting Beamforming Algorithm", İ. Bayram, manuscript, 2014.