Celaletdin Ergun, Prof.Dr

(PhD. RPI, 2001)


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Istanbul Technical University

Mechanical Engineering Dept.

Materials Div.

Gümüşsuyu Campus

Beyoğlu, 34437. İstanbul, TURKEY
Tel: +90 (212) 293 1300 x 2438
Faks: +90 (212) 245 0795
e-mail: ergunce@itu.edu.tr

Current Research Outlines: 

  • Plasma synthesis of nano / micro particles,

  • Smart nanoparticles for cancer diagnosis and treatment,

  • Thermal and non-thermal plasmas,

  • Piezo materials for smart structures,

  • Advanced Manufacturing Methods,

  • Ultrasonics,

  • Biomaterials,

  • Solution based nano particle synthesis,

  • Spray pyrolysis.

Academic Activities:

  • Istanbul Technical University, Mech. Eng. BSc (1991),

  • University of Southern California, Mech. Eng. (LA, CA), MSc (1995),

  • Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Materials Sci. & Eng. (Troy, NY), PhD (2001),

  • University of Michigan, Materials Sci.& Eng. (Ann Arbor, MI), Visiting Scholar on "Ceramic 3D Printing" (2004),

  • Yale University, Mech. Eng. (New Haven, CT), Visiting Scholar on "Multiplexed Electro Spray for NP synthesis" (2009),

  • University of Minnesota, Mech. Eng. (Minneapolis, MN), Visiting Scholar on "ICP and CCP plasma reactors for NP synthesis" (2013).


  • In the Stanford University 2022 List of the Most Influential Scientist in the Category of "Career-long Impact",

  • In the Elsevier 2021 List of the Most Influential Scientist in the Category of "Career-long Impact".