CV  A. Taner DERBENTLİ (Retired Professor)
                Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, İstanbul Technical University

 Personal Born in Muş, Turkey on November 22, 1948 (Monday), married with one child
 Education :   
      Primary school Ziya Gökalp İlkokulu, Diyarbakır (1954 - 1959)
      Junior high school Diyarbakır Koleji, Samsun Koleji (1959-1962)
      Senior high school Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute, Winnipeg, Canada, (1963-1966)
      University University of Manitoba (B.SC, M.Sc. Mech. Eng. 1966-1972)
  İstanbul Technical University (Ph. D. 1976-1980) Thesis : Radiative and Conductive Heat Transfer in a Two Layer Absorbing Emitting Medium Between Two Gray Surfaces
 Experience : Systems programming, İTÜ Electronic Computing Center (1973-1975)
  Teaching and research in thermodynamics, heat transfer, programming and numerical analysis, İstanbul Technical University, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
 Areas of Research : Second law analysis, thermoeconomics, cogeneration, numerical solution of heat transfer, radiative heat transfer, microwave heating and drying.
 Courses taught :  
      Undergraduate Thermodynamics, Heat Transfer, Thermal Environmental Engineering, Applied Thermal Systems
  Computer Programming, Numerical Methods
      Graduate Design of Thermal Systems, Numerical Computation of Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow,
  Radiative Heat Transfer, Engineering Mathematics, Cogeneration and Waste Heat Recovery
 Institutional Service : Associate Dean (Fac. of Mech. Eng. 1986-1992)
  Department head (Dept. of Mech. Eng. 1997-2001)
  Director (Institute of Graduate Studies, İTÜ, 2001)
  Dean (Fac. of Mech. Eng. 2004-2010)
 Scholarhips and awards : Fulbright Scholarship (1986, Univ. of Minnesota)
  Keskin Keser Translation Award (1997)
 Meeting Organizations : Secretary (First National Symposium on Mechanical Engineering Education, 1989)
  Tech. Prog. Chairman ( ASME, ESDA Conference, İstanbul, 1992)
  Co-chairman (ASME 2010 Leadership Summit, May 26-29 İstanbul, 2010)
 Memberships : Turkish Society for Thermal Sciences and Technology, Turkish Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, ASME
 Retirement : November 22, 2015 (Sunday)