Design of a VME PC Based Communication Unit for Real Time Interprocess Communication

Presented in:
mP '94, 8th Symposium on Computer and Microprocessor Applications

B. Orencik, F. Buzluca, C. Ozden, O. Aliefendioglu, O. Akgun
Department of Control and Computer Engineering Istanbul Technical University, Ayazaga, 80626, Istanbul, TURKEY

Sponsor for Financial Support:
TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute) Ataturk Bulvari No:221, 06100 Kavaklidere Ankara , TURKEY.

Sponsor of Financial Accommodations:
ITU-KOSGEB TEKMER (Istanbul Technical University - Small & Medium Industry Development Organization Technology Center) A Binasi, Istanbul Teknik Universitesi, 80626 Ayazaga Istanbul, TURKEY.

The working group on computer networks in Istanbul Technical University proposed in 1993 a project with the goal to build a hierarchical network as the interconnection network for real-time distributed multiprocessor architectures (EEEAG-BAG3). This project was to be carried out in near cooperation with another project having the title of "A Real Time Distributed Operating System Prototype for Multiprocessor Architectures (EEEAG-BAG2)". TUBITAK (Turkish Scientific and Technical Research Institute) accepted both projects and provided financial support. ITU-KOSGEB (Istanbul Technical University - Small & Medium Industry Development Organization) offered a suitable working place in the campus.

Both projects started early in 1993 and will last until the end of 1995. The accompanying papers will summarize the objectives, paradigms and status of the project EEEAG-BAG3 by presenting the overall structure of the network (Presentation No 1: Overview of a hierarchical network for real time distributed interprocess communication), the interprocess communication primitives which we make use of (Presentation No 2: Design of interprocess communication primitives and structures for real time systems) and the layered structure of a communication node (Presentation No 3: Design of a VME PC based communication unit for real time interprocess communication).