Examination Rules and Regulations:


Carefully read all instructions. Ignorance of any rule will not be accepted as an excuse for violation.


1.      Each student must take the exam in the announced, correct exam room.

2.      During the exam asking questions to proctors is not allowed.

3.      Any cheating or any attempt to cheat will be subject to the University disciplinary proceedings.

Disciplinary regulations of The Council of Higher Education: http://www.yok.gov.tr/web/guest/icerik/-/journal_content/56_INSTANCE_rEHF8BIsfYRx/10279/17960/  (Items 5/d, 7/e, 8/d)

Read the ITU Academic Honesty Pledge http://www.sis.itu.edu.tr/tr/yonetmelik/AkademikOnurSozuEsaslar.html

4.      Cell phones and PDAs are prohibited on the desk. They must be switched off.

5.      Students are not allowed to leave the exam room in the first 30 minutes.