Ergün Yaraneri


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1997--2001  BS Mathematics, Middle East Technical University, Turkey

2001--2003  MS Mathematics, Bilkent University, Turkey

2003--2008  PhD Mathematics, Bilkent University, Turkey

2008--2009  Instructor, Bilkent University, Turkey

2010--           Instructor, Istanbul Technical University, Turkey



1) Yaraneri, Ergün, Intersection graph of a module, Journal of Algebra and Its Applications, (2013), Volume 12, Issue 5, 1250218 (30 pages).

2) Yaraneri, Ergün, Composition factors of functors, Journal of Algebra, (2011), Volume 335, Issue 1, Pages 113-162. 

3) Yaraneri, Ergün, Socles and radicals of Mackey functors, Journal of Algebra, (2009), Volume 321, Issue 10, Pages 2970-3025. 

4) Yaraneri, Ergün, Kernels, inflations, evaluations, and imprimitivity of Mackey functors, Journal of Algebra, (2008), Volume 319, Issue 5, Pages 1993-2029. 

5) Yaraneri, Ergün, A filtration of the modular representation functor, Journal of Algebra, (2007), Volume 318, Issue 1, Pages 140-179. 

6) Yaraneri, Ergün, A Swan length theorem and a Fong dimension theorem for Mackey algebras, Journal of Algebra, (2007), Volume 311, Issue 1, Pages 365-379.       

7) Yaraneri, Ergün, Clifford theory for Mackey algebras, Journal of Algebra, (2006),Volume 303, Issue 1, Pages 244-274. 



1) Yaraneri, Ergün, On prime ideals and idempotents of monomial Burnside Algebras,  (2003) unpublished, pdf


1)  Yaraneri, Ergün, Inductions, Restrictions, Evaluations, and Subfunctors of Mackey Functors, Ph.D. Thesis (2008), pdf

2)  Yaraneri, Ergün, On monomial Burnside rings, M.S. Thesis (2003)

Honors and Awards:

1) The Orhan Alisbah Award from the Department of Mathematics, Bilkent University, 2003.

2) Graduation Award from Middle East Technical University, 2001. (ranked second among all 2195 graduates of the bachelor degree programs in the 2000-2001 academic year.)

Current Research Topics:

Representation theory of finite groups

Mackey functors and related functors

Category theory

Homological algebra

Graphs from algebraic structures

Current Teaching: