Deniz YILDIRIM, Assistant Professor at Istanbul Technical University,
Department of Electrical Engineering, Istanbul, Turkey (current position).

Ph.D.   :  University of Colorado at Boulder, in Electrical Engineering, 1999.
M.S.    :  University of Colorado at Boulder, in Electrical Engineering, 1993.
B.S.     :  Istanbul Technical University, in Electrical Engineering, 1989.
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  1. ELK331E Power Electronic Circuits
  2. ELK519E Resonant Power Converters (Graduate)
  1. ELK342 G? Elektroni? Laboratuvar?
  2. ELK498E Photovoltaic Systems
  3. ELK506E Analysis and Design of Switched Mode Power Supplies (Graduate)
  1. BIL101E Introduction to Computers and Information Systems
  2. EA824 G? Elektroni? Devre Tasar??
  3. ELK314 G? Transformat??Tasar??
  4. ELK332E Electrical Machines II
  5. ELK334E Design of Power Electronic Circuits
  6. ELK341E Electrical Machines I
  7. ELK343 Elektromekanik Enerji D????
  8. ELK453E Industrial Applications of Power Electronics
  9. MKM510E Design and Application of Industrial Electronic Systems
  10. EE432 Industrial Electronics (Yeditepe University)
       Fall 2011 is the last semester that I offer this class...

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Nov 05, 2013Aug 04, 2014

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