Dr. Yalcin is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Eletronics and Telecommunications Engineering in Istanbul Technical University (ITU), where she directs the Visual Intelligence Group.

Assist. Prof. Hulya Yalcin received her B.S. and M.S. degrees from Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering at Bogazici University (BOUN).

She continued her education through Ph.D. degree in the Division of Engineering (Electrical Sciences and Computer Engineering) at Brown University. After completing her Ph.D. degree, she started working in Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) as a postdoctoral researcher. Having worked at an industrial company as a researcher and as a research scientist in Bogazici University, she joined Istanbul Technical University as an Assistant Professor in 2011.

She has worked with Prof. Michael Black on segmenting motion layers in video sequences during her Ph.D. studies. She has worked with Prof. Martial Hebert and Prof. Takeo Kanade on tracking vehicles in airborne video imagery during my posdoctoral studies. Object recognition and classification as well as understanding human activities using both video sequences and depth sensors are the main goal of her research. Currently she is working on a project (AISENSE) to build an exer-gaming system that allows elderly people to naturally interact with a virtual environment through their body movements and assess their physical performance which is supported by a Marie Curie Career Integration Grant from the European Commission.

Her objective is to promote computer vision, machine learning, and deep learning techniques in order to build visually intelligent systems that enhance the quality of people's lives. She also focuses on assistive technologies for elderly people, as well as applying computer vision techniques on security surveillance applications and precision agriculture.

Her research has been funded through several funding bodies - the European Commission under the 7th framework programmes, Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TUBITAK), Turkish Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, and ITU TARBIL Agro-informatics Research Fund- as well as by the industry -Temsa, Avea, Turk Telekom, Arçelik.

Assist. Prof. Hulya Yalcin founded the Visual Intelligence Laboratory (VILAB) at Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering department in Maslak Campus of Istanbul Technical University in 2013. Dr. Yalcin and her students have been working on human activity recognition, 3d scene understanding problems and applications of computer vision on precision agriculture in this laboratory. The projects and publications conducted in Visual Intelligence Laboratory (VILAB) can be found in VILAB PROJECTS and VILAB Publications links respectively.

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